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Austin Bedford

Based out of the Bay Area, I’ve relocated to Asia twice, jumping at the opportunity to expand my comfort zone, increase my cultural awareness and grow in environments unlike the San Francisco Bay Area.

Why I design

I was first drawn to design out of a desire to express my creativity and put to good use my dual analytical-imaginative mind. I enjoy creating experiences that truly improve the lives of everyday people.

I’m a UX designer who is passionate about design and improving the lives of others. Working to consistently deliver top-quality end-to-end experiences for my clients, I work equally well independently and in groups, hitting my stride especially in environments where collaboration and agile methods are held in high regard.

In my spare time

I’m fluent in Japanese, having studied Japanese in college and having lived in Kyoto for a year and I’m an active volunteer member of the San Francisco Taru Mikoshi. I’m also an Ableton enthusiast, producing music in my spare time, in addition to reading science-fiction novels, design related books, music magazines and occasionally comics.